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SILTSchool Improvement Leadership Team (various locations)
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SILTSeparation in Lieu of Trial (by court martial; military justice)
SILTSmith Island Land Trust (North Carolina)
SILTSensation Intact to Light Touch
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Relationships among soil texture (clay or silt + clay content) and vegetation biomass, SOC concentration, and SOC stock at each depth were analysed using simple correlation and curve estimation regression techniques.
Because of the build-up of silt, the water has nowhere to go when it comes into the harbour, so just deposits stuff onto the beach.
Harbour silt is removed from <B Salt Lake in Porthcawl
ecently, the civil authorities launched a desilting drive to save the lake but all the efforts made by the administration to remove the silt, around 70 acre of silt dry patch is still visible near the regulator end of the lake.
Each sample of gully and control was analysed in soil lab to determine soil characteristics such as: silt, clay and sand percentage, mean weight dimension (MWD) and aggregate stability (AS) (wet sieving apparatus was used).
Lentic ecosystems that have been polluted and which accumulated silt for many years are not able to self-purify from the accumulated contaminants.
SHAKEN: A shattered clifftop house and a car nose-deep in watery silt
However, silt fences are most common and certainly the most visible method of erosion control.
The 1:250 000 scale soil map (New Zealand Soil Bureau 1954) of the study area classifies the entire 60-ha project area (2000m by 300 m) as well-drained Kawhatau silt loam (Table 2).
Mr Mead fears if nothing is done the silt problem could drive away sailors and damage the local economy.
They warned that the protective marshes and barrier islands created by the muddy Mississippi's rich silt deposits were disappearing, an acre every half hour or so, 25 square miles a year.
It occurs even though human activities such as agriculture and deforestation are eroding land faster than ever before, boosting the amount of silt and other material carried by rivers through their inland reaches.