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SIMPLERSemi-Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations Revised
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There are, of course, hundreds and hundreds more, but these will do for specimens of the simpler rulings.
She is much a woman--elle est bien femme, as they say here; simpler, softer, rounder, richer than the young girls I spoke of just now.
You'll doubtless tell me, however," he went on, "that as all such relations ARE for us at the most much simpler we can only have all round less to say about them.
And now that the last vestige of her own bloom was gone, he was laughing at her, inwardly, as a cunning person does who plays a malicious trick on a simpler, more trusting, soul.
It was as though the side issues had been shorn away, so that the main struggle was thenceforth on simpler lines.
The larger crimes are apt to be the simpler, for the bigger the crime the more obvious, as a rule, is the motive.
But then a simpler and more natural explanation came to my mind.
I say I'm dealing with much simpler things than your simple faith, with a table and a chair and a ladder.
I've heard of it, of course, but surely it must be a superstitious yarn spun out of something much simpler.
At the same time she was simpler in manner than most of the ladies present, and many people (as he heard afterward from Janey) were disappointed that her appearance was not more "stylish" --for stylishness was what New York most valued.
He went; and, it being at any time a much simpler operation to Catherine to doubt her own judgment than Henry's, she was very soon obliged to give him credit for being right, however disagreeable to her his going.
For me, the fun began before the boots were off one's feet; the muffled footfalls, the thin sound of the fountain, even the spent swathed forms upon the couches, and the whole clean, warm, idle atmosphere, were so much unction to my simpler soul.