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El enviar simbolico a la vita tota simul o al aion exige la realidad, la extramentalidad de aquello de que son vision y enigma.
The application of simul iustus and peccator to the Church as a whole distinguishes it from the contemporary heirs of Reformation Catholicism, Anabaptism and Spiritualism.
Sed ipsa virtus se habens ad opposita, non cadit sub sensum: in effectibus enim eius qui sub sensum cadunt, non inveniuntur duo actus contrarii simul existere; sed semper videmus quod determinate unum procedit in actum: ergo non possumus judicare esse in homine aliquam activam potentiam ad opposita se babentem.
Victorinus' chief concern is to explain consubstantialis as both unius substantiae and simul substantiae, but his distinction of una substantia, tres subsistentiae occurs only in expounding Neoplatonic terms from Porphyry, and is not used in distinguishing the Father and the Son in the Neonicene fashion: Victorinus can use substantia for the key term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Tenders are invited for supply of building materials for the construction of awc no 221 at simul tala, talukertari in mairadanga gp within falakata block under mgnrega, swd and nbdd 2016-17.
On May 17, 1920, Reshevky faced 20 players in a simul in Paris.
So, who is seeking his release from the National Chess Federation of the Philippines to transfer to the United States Federation, will also conduct a simul against 20 players rated 2000 and under.
Missing here is a sense of the universality of sin and the simul of the Lutheran tradition, a tradition that is deeply suspicious of the church ever being defined in terms of what Luther called the "active righteousness" of its members.
This has traditionally come to be referred to as the simul iustus et peccator (hereafter, simul).
Sin embargo, sobre este rostro inmaculado de la Esposa de Cristo se proyecta la doctrina reformada del simul iustus et peccator, causada --entre otros-- por los comportamientos escandalosos de algunos miembros de la Iglesia.
With his doctoral thesis "Contemplation in Action: A Study in Ignatian Prayer" (1957), Joseph Conwell popularized the now classic Nadalian phrase contemplativus simul in actione in the English-speaking Jesuit world.