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SINESuccess in Numeracy Education (Victorian Catholic schools; Australia)
SINEShort Interspersed Nuclear Element
SINEStructural Images of the North East (art and photograph collection; University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; UK)
SINESouthwest Indiana Network for Education
SINESociety for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIT Bombay, India)
SINEScalable Information Networks for the Environment
SINESingle Integrated Network Environment (US Air Force)
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The sine curve used for the period from the minimum up to the maximum is sometimes only the first quadrant of the sine curve (Parton and Logan 1981; Goudriaan and van Laar 1994), so the rate of increase in temperature in the model is most rapid immediately after the minimum, rather than the fourth quadrant of the sine curve for the minimum halfway to the maximum, then the first quadrant for the following period to the maximum.
Cordua said she named the cafe Sine Cura - which means "without care" in Latin - because she wanted the location to be one where people could sit back and relax.
Behavioral health facilities have a variety of choices when it comes to patient toilets, although Sine and Hunt are quick to assert that urinals should not be one of those choices.
In short, a broad approach to nulla poena sine lege, in tune with its modern development and recognizing its characteristic as a quality of justice principle, affords several interconnected benefits including advancing consistency in sentencing, safeguarding judicial authority, protecting the integrity of criminal justice, and upholding justice in the eyes of the public.
The correlation coefficient of repetitive elements in human, mouse, and cattle Human_Bovine Mouse_Bovine Human_Mouse cor p value cor p value cor p value SINE (1) Pearson 0.
Historically, when sine waves scatter off an interconnect, their response is called the Scattering Parameters, or S-Parameters.
A modified sine wave, however, does not pass through the zero-voltage point at a gentle angle.
Real waves have higher crests and shallower troughs than sines," says Al R.
Sine methods, Hilbert transform, Cauchy principal value integral
This would preserve or expand job opportunities and economic development in those rural communities which the buyout program was designed to assist," says Sine.
In signal measuring and manufacturing, a sine curve wave could be gotten with filtering methods.
But we can gain more insight by just converting each harmonic component in the spectrum into its corresponding sine wave in the time domain, and adding them all up.