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SQNSequence Number
SQNSine Qua Non
SQNSequoyah Nuclear Plant (Tennessee)
SQNSociété Québécoise de Néphrologie (French: Quebec Nephrology Society; Canada)
SQNSchool Quota Number (military)
SQNStrange Quark Nugget
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It is a sine qua non that a language keeps itself alive if it retains subtlety and imagination.
The Prime Minister graduated at the Faculty of Economics, where the exactness is condition sine qua non.
While the late Richard Holbrooke professes uncertainty on the extent to which his Jewishness defined him, he is quite sure that his parents' related status as refugees was the sine qua non of his ambitions, values, and career.
He said the parties would focus on the problems on six topics, and the sine qua non of both sides.
Efficiency is a sine qua non of modern trade, but the real frontier lies with the shopper.
Of course e-cigarettes contain all the usual culprits found in their conventional counterparts: carcinogens and other toxic chemicals in addition to nicotine, which is the sine qua non of any tobacco product, even batterypowered ones.
These are the sine qua non for any test including tests of language proficiency.
Full involvement and participation of business partners is the cornerstone of the EIT and the sine qua non for its future success," said Barroso, accompanied by the Education Commissioner, Jan Figel.
Far from being a diversion from environmental concerns, reform of church structures and teachings is the sine qua non of environmentalism for Catholics.
Arguing that the existence of a consensually united political elite is the sine qua non of liberal democracy, Higley (government and sociology, U.
A sine qua non for those seriously interested in the Polish theater and in twentieth-century TV theater in particular, this is obviously a labor of a lifetime and a genuine contribution to the literature.
Campaign contributions are the sine qua non of gaining and keeping political influence