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SINHSine Hyperbolic (trigonometry)
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Being a Congress leader and former Union minister, Matang Sinh had a great clout during the UPA government.
Nguyen Bao Sinh, the owner of the pet resort, has expanded the services on offer to meet the demand from people who want to treat their dogs not only like champions, but like humans.
Vietnam: Visiting Oman, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung was on Dec.
Amazed surgeon Dr Nguyen Sinh Hien, who also replaced his damaged heart valve with an artificial one during the tricky procedure, said: "It is the strangest case that I have ever seen.
Lead surgeon Nguyen Sinh Hien said: "It is the strangest case I have ever seen.
qt| [much less than]1, at which sin(Reqt) [approximately equal to] Reqt and sinh (Imqt) [approximately equal to] Imqt.
The General Medical Council said last night it will decide whether Dr Shyam Prasad Sinh a should face a formal hearing, which could lead to him being struck off the register.
While the case was going through the courts, Dr Sinh a was suspended by the Knowsley primary care trust, but is now practising again at Peatwood medical centre in Peatwood Avenue, Kirkby.
Nagabhushana Sarma, Shaft Shauq, Shubhada Shelke, Ranbir Sinh, Venkat Swaminathan, O.
He expressed the views in separate meetings in Vietnam's capital with Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, Finance Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung, and Planning and Investment Minister Vo Hong Phuc, the officials said.
Through the narrator we learn what the hero, Bac Ky Sinh -- a local bandit of Muong La, a highland district in northwestern Vietnam (where the author first met him while teaching school) -- had gone through before by chance he showed up in the New World twenty-five years later to tell his story in a well-heated New York City apartment one rainy evening.