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SISSSmart Idle Stop System (Mazda)
SISSSchool of Islamic and Social Sciences (Leesburg, VA)
SISSServices for International Students and Scholars (University of California)
SISSSouthern Institute of Social Sciences (Vietnam)
SISSSubcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
SISSStandoff Imagery Sensor System
SISSSprint International Systems and Services Group
SISSSistema Integral de Seguridad Social (Spanish: Integrated Social Security System; Colombia)
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It can be difficult or impossible to determine the return on this investment in labor and capital without the powerful metrics and large-scale data management tools available in today's modern SIS.
In a couple years, they may be using 20 or 30," says Tyler Bosmeny, a cofounder of Clever, a company that along with fellow startup Learn Sprout is tackling this problem head-on by connecting the data in an SIS with third-party products, thereby reducing redundancy for staff.
Both supervisor and supervisee were asked to complete one SISS at the conclusion of a supervision session, provided they filled out the instrument in private and/or outside the influence of their supervisory partner.
La complementacion sistemica de las redes de servicios debe darse en varios momentos y niveles, pero dos mecanismos articuladores son insustituibles: 1) el sistema de informacion integrado y que vincula a todos los miembros del SISS y 2) la accion intersectorial, descrita en varios acapites de este texto (33).
LANG and the SISS BOOM BAND kick off their UK tour on May 30 at Birmingham Symphony Hall before travelling to Manchester, London, Nottingham and Glasgow.
During a brief meeting in her locked attic-room one evening, Unn tries revealing a secret to her new friend Siss, yet Siss balks at the confidence and abruptly runs home through the cold, dark forest.
Over the years, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), a school district in North Carolina, has adopted a number of disjointed SISs with limited results.
Compared with the KISS, the SISS has no knot at the skeleton joint because the knot represents part of one phase that is dispersed in the other phase, which by definition cannot be symmetric.
It was agreed that a temperature rise of up to two degrees Celsius by 2015 could be contemplated, but agreeing to a 50 percent cut on emissions was not possible because the group was obligated to not only safeguard its interests, but also the interests of the LDCs and the SISs.
Bill, who often played snooker and darts at the Ex-Servicemen's Club, in Foleshill Road, was married to Sarah, known as Siss, for more than 60 years before her death seven years aged 93.
The contract, which lasts for five years, will see Telent supporting all SISS assets across the network, including Public Help Points (PHPs), CCTV cameras, PA speakers, Customer Information Systems (CIS) and clocks.
1 are a New Socket Interface for integrating with external applications; an SSIS Package generation option to Truncate Table on Full Refresh, boosting data loading performance; as well as improved SISS package run-time error diagnosis by associating SQL column names with errors whenever possible.