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SISSSmart Idle Stop System (Mazda)
SISSSchool of Islamic and Social Sciences (Leesburg, VA)
SISSServices for International Students and Scholars (University of California)
SISSSouthern Institute of Social Sciences (Vietnam)
SISSSubcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
SISSStandoff Imagery Sensor System
SISSSprint International Systems and Services Group
SISSSistema Integral de Seguridad Social (Spanish: Integrated Social Security System; Colombia)
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To keep pace with the ever evolving business and technology landscape and respond to customers' needs for solutions that will deliver maximum return on assets and minimize total cost of ownership, Yokogawa has continued to strengthen the functions of the ProSafe-RS SIS.
Data was analyzed to determine the internal consistency of the SISS for this sample.
9 remains unchanged, confirming the symmetry of the SISS structure, where the constituent phases have identical structures, as implied by the structural schematics in Fig.
We monitored 5 MRM transitions for each analyte and SIS peptide on a 5500 Q TRAP mass spectrometer (Applied Biosystems) by scheduled MRM with a target cycle time of 0.
We were told by the American delegation that if we don't accept international scrutiny, LDCs and SISs might not get the financial assistance that they require.
In this article we obtain the conditions for the sampling operator to be one-to-one and stable in terms of frames of translates of the SISs instead of orthonormal basis.
Most SISs have an attribute, or field, within the system to identify students who have declared their privacy rights, says Volz.
Always remembered and loved by mom, dad and family' and another pounds 20 comes 'in loving memory of John Kirby, November 28, 1985, from his loving wife Dot and family, sadly missedpounds 10A GIFT of pounds 10 comes from daughter Betty Hawkes 'in memory of my dear mom and dad, Siss and Harry Hawkes, on their wedding anniversary, December 8.
Suddenly, reports on adequate yearly progress, highly qualified teachers and other topics have focused the spotlight on SISs and the companies that make them.
The SISS investigations identified over 45 IPR operatives who were members of the Communist Party.
SO MUCH OF TV's coverage of the impending war with Iraq sounds like cheerleading these days - go, America, siss, boom (particularly boom) bah - that MSNBC's ``Wargame: Iraq'' seems something of a miracle.
The tale of Siss and Unn, two eleven-year-old girls living in the hinterlands of Norway, is not merely a tale of childhood friendship, but is also a subtle and palpable excursion into the innocent recesses of sexual exploration.