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SKELSkeleton (in the closet; slang for a criminal)
SKELSoftware Knowledge Engineering Lab (National Centre for Scientific Research; Greece)
References in classic literature ?
He is extraordinarily thin and his dress-coat hangs on a skeleton frame.
My dear Isabella, I am sure there must be Laurentina's skeleton behind it.
Good, who understands such things, declared that, so far as he could see, the anatomical design of the skeleton is perfect down to the smallest bones.
The monument made a horrible profile against the sky; especially at night when there was a little moonlight on those white skulls, or when the breeze of evening brushed the chains and the skeletons, and swayed all these in the darkness.
And then, with a parting glance at the ancient skeleton, he turned to the task of ascending the western wall of the canyon.
As he spoke, Death, a grisly skeleton, appeared and said to him: "What wouldst thou, Mortal?
The skeleton of even the most lawless despot makes a good constitutional sovereign.
Myra, pointing to the skeleton that hung from the chandelier cheerfully grinning at all beholders.
We passed some houses that had been ransacked and since deserted; we saw also a spectacle, which my guides viewed with high satisfaction; it was the skeleton of an Indian with the dried skin hanging on the bones, suspended to the branch of a tree.
Verily, I myself am the scared crow that once saw you naked, and without paint; and I flew away when the skeleton ogled at me.
Some says he's crazy, and some jest cross; and some says he's got a skeleton in his closet.
Come, he's amusing, anyway, your skeleton, and not depressing," said Dolly, smiling.