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SLAMSimultaneous Localization and Mapping (autonomous control method)
SLAMStandoff Land-Attack Missile (US DoD)
SLAMSouth London and Maudsley (UK)
SLAMSimulation Language for Alternative Modeling
SLAMSelectable Lightweight Attack Munition
SLAMSingle Living Accommodation Modernisation (project)
SLAMSignaling Lymphocyte-Activation Molecule (molecular biology)
SLAMSupersonic Low Altitude Missile
SLAMScanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
SLAMService Level Agreement Management
SLAMShareholder Limited Authorized Margin
SLAMSan Leandro Academy for Multimedia (San Leandro, CA)
SLAMSpoken Language Access to Multimedia
SLAMSwiss Life Asset Management
SLAMScalable Location-Aware Monitoring
SLAMSound Light and Motion
SLAMStorage Lifecycle Automation Management
SLAMSatellite Link Attenuation Model (NASA)
SLAMSupport Local Art/Music (Omaha, Nebraska)
SLAMSoftware, Languages, Analysis, and Model-Checking
SLAMSHF Link Analysis Model
SLAMSchool of Letters Art and Media
SLAMStrategic Low Altitude Missile
SLAMSubmarine Launched Air Missile
SLAMSlantpath Absorption Model
SLAMSociety's League Against Molestation
SLAMSigma Love and Mine (sorority)
SLAMSpace Launched Air Missile
SLAMStatistical Linearization Adjoint Method
SLAMSimulation Language for Analogue Modelling
SLAMShort-Range Layered Atmospheric Model
SLAMStandardized Lottery grade Awarding Method (humor)
SLAMSea-Launched Air Missile
SLAMSemiactive Laser-guided Aerial Munition
SLAMSuper Large Action Madness (Nickelodeon)
SLAMSurvival Limiting Atomic Missile
SLAMSymbolic Language Adapted for Microcomputers
SLAMShort LOFAR Altering Message
SLAMsingle layer alumina metallized
SLAMSaint Louis Art Museum (Missouri)
References in classic literature ?
As I came to my feet, I heard the conning-tower cover slam.
Scarlett Trent closed the door with a slam and disappeared.
A chorus from Olivette, sung in her clear contralto, grew fainter and fainter until it ended in the slam of a distant door.
Slam Nietzsche into them and get walloped for your pains.
Castlemon was just being dragged out, and as Collins ran he could see the two men drop him to the ground so that they might slam the cage-door shut.
the good Doctor yearned over them, and, shutting his book with a decided slam, said in that cordial voice of his
A subdued slam above told that the door of the east gable had been shut with equal vehemence.
She shut the door behind us with something of a slam, and her black cat followed us so far, with stealthy, furtive footsteps, that we were frightened of it.
I'm not squealin', and I ain't taking a slam at your pa.
Mr Mantalini, who had doubtless well considered his part, no sooner heard these words pronounced in a tone of grief and severity, than he recoiled several paces, assumed an expression of consuming mental agony, rushed headlong from the room, and was, soon afterwards, heard to slam the door of an upstairs dressing-room with great violence.
At this move the ship-keeper promptly dodged out of sight, as you may believe, and heard the captain slam the inner door of the passage.
She shut the bureau with a slam, and glanced at him.