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SLanTSign Language Teacher
SLanTState Line Area Narcotics Team (Wisconsin/Illinois)
SLanTSchool Library Association of the Northern Territory
SLanTSit up, Lean forward, Activate your thinking, Name key information, and Track the talker
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Keeping knees and ankles together at all times, position your legs so that you create a slant, angling your knees to the side.
While TaylorMade chose to keep the short, slant neck mallet for a few, Odyssey is taking it to the masses.
any attempt to do so is itself complicated by the fact that Slant cannot
Alvarez said the operators against him are putting a slant to his filing a graft complaint against Floirendo.
Dawn will give more 'Unfavorable' slant than The Nation and The News.
At slightly below a 30[degrees] slant angle, the coefficient of aerodynamic drag [C.
The condition is not altered by reparametrization, so without loss of generality we may assume that slant helices have unit speed.
concludes, the Slant group largely missed the opportunity to learn from this earlier generation of thinkers.
6m gallon per day desalination plant that would draw seawater from slant wells or subsurface intakes buried in the sand and extend beneath the ocean floor, with the test well deciding the feasibility of the slant well construction techniques, besides the quantity and quality of the source water that can be drawn.