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SLEDSuse Linux Enterprise Desktop
SLEDSouth Carolina Law Enforcement Division
SLEDState Law Enforcement Division (South Carolina)
SLEDStatewide Library Electronic Doorway (Alaska)
SLEDSustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis
SLEDSingle Large Expensive Disk
SLEDSuperluminescent Light Emitting Diode
SLEDShelf Life Expiration Date
SLEDState and Local Government and Education
SLEDSpecification Language for Encoding and Decoding
SLEDSoftware Life Cycle Experience Database
SLEDSurface Light Emitting Diode
SLEDStreet Level Enforcement Detail (law enforcement)
SLEDSoftware Loopback for eDOCSIS
SLEDSystem-Level Engineering Documentation
SLEDSuper-Luminescent Emitting Diode (light source)
SLEDSoftware Life-Cycle Empirical Data (Database0
SLEDSize, Level of Development, Environment, Degree of Dependancy (pro-life mnemonic)
SLEDSecond Life Education (gaming)
SLEDSchool of Lifelong Education and Development (University of Bradford; UK)
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When the sled was lashed and the complaining dogs harnessed, he returned into the cabin for his mittens.
At the bottom of the bank, beside the water-hole, he halted the sled.
He took his seat on the sled and Mattie instantly placed herself in front of him.
Once or twice the sled swerved a little under them.
As they drew near the end of the village the cries of children reached them, and they saw a knot of boys, with sleds behind them, scattering across the open space before the church.
Dow is applying the knowledge of physical sciences and state of the art engineering tools to develop an advanced luge sled.
Female bobsledders Kim Yoo-ran and Kim Min-seong will use a sled made by Hyundai Motor.
The event is held to bring community exposure to GLASA and showcase its sled hockey program.
We finally got enough snow to really sled yesterday and Secret couldn't be more thrilled
Most people are accustomed to seeing bobsledders sprint and push their sled down the start and then use their bodies to maneuver themselves to jump into the sled and tuck and hold on before using the G-forces around the curves.
The Lead Sled weighs 24 pounds empty and is 30 inches long.
In what sounds overtly simple, the company has already released a concept video to show how cars can drive on to an electric sled platform, which would then descend underground on an elevator and speed through to the desired destination at high speed.