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SLEDGESimulating Large Explosive Detonatable Gas Experiment
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The prairie, across which the sledge was moving in a straight line, was as flat as a sea.
The sledge slid along in the midst of a plaintively intense melody.
The groom took her up in his arms and carried her out to his sledge and tucked her under the blankets.
Something happened to the hindmost sledge: the driver lost control-- he was probably very drunk--the horses left the road, the sledge was caught in a clump of trees, and overturned.
Just as they were in the very height of their amusement, a large sledge passed by: it was painted quite white, and there was someone in it wrapped up in a rough white mantle of fur, with a rough white fur cap on his head.
said Nikita, pressing down into the sledge the freshly threshed oat straw the cook's husband had brought.
It was, in fact, a sledge, like that we had seen before, which had drifted towards us in the night on a large fragment of ice.
And she put it on, and looked more lovely than ever, and King Frost stepped with her into his sledge, with six white horses.
And all at once I felt horribly ashamed, so ashamed that I stopped the horse, got out of the sledge, and stood still in the snow in the middle of the street.
As soon as the sledge was loaded he meant to send Jotham back to the farm and hurry on foot into the village to buy the glue for the pickle-dish.
Rows of carriages, sledges, drivers, and policemen were standing in the approach.
He fell asleep at once, and in his light slumber he seemed to hear the tinkling of sledge bells.