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SLIDSurvey of Labour and Income Dynamics (Canada)
SLIDSmall, Low-Cost Interceptor Device
SLIDSri Lanka Institute of Directors
SLIDSubscriber Line Identifier (telephony; last 4 digits of a phone number)
SLIDSystem Level Integration Demonstration
SLIDSocial and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged (Michigan City, Indiana)
SLIDSex-limited Inheritance in Drosophila
SLIDStudent Loan Interest Deduction (taxes)
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At last I slid off into a light doze, and had pretty nearly made a good offing towards the land of Nod, when I heard a heavy footfall in the passage, and saw a glimmer of light come into the room from under the door.
Another made a slit down the body; a second opened the body wider; a third with a saw cut the breastbone; a fourth loosened the entrails; a fifth pulled them out-- and they also slid through a hole in the floor.
Then he thought he felt that hair twining round his fingers; and then, that it slid smoothly round his neck, and tightened and tightened, and he could not draw his breath; and then he thought voices whispered to him,--whispers that chilled him with horror.
Pres- ently, when Sandy slid from the horse, motioned me to stop, and went creeping stealthily, with her head bent nearly to her knees, toward a row of bushes that bordered a declivity, the thumpings grew stronger and quicker.