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SLUGSSun Lovers Under Gray Skies (naturist group; Washington)
SLUGSSociety of Linguistics Undergraduate Students (US and Canada)
SLUGSSheffield University LAN (Local Area Network) Gaming Society (UK)
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Dried crusty sea weed is good as its salty flavour repels the slugs and is difficult for them to traverse.
uk A FAMILY-run veterinary group is warning pet owners in Birmingham to be vigilant as the number of pets poisoned by slug pellets is expected to increase this summer.
Slugs like mild and warm winters and Met Office statistics show that average temperatures were slightly above what would be expected for both December and January.
Border patrol Nothing brings slugs and snails out to feed like a light afternoon shower.
The discoveries were made as researchers collected slugs to be catalogued in a comprehensive 140 page identification guidebook published this month by the Field Studies Council.
They provide the perfect hiding places for slugs in the daytime.
When the as-yet-unnamed slugs mate, one organ delivers the sperm to the female opening on another slug's body.
Late spring frosts killed off a lot of them, but this may just be offsetting the plague that could follow - we need late spring frosts and early winters to kill off juvenile slugs to keep numbers down.
The plants which don''t seem to get attacked by slugs are the ones which have high levels of plant oils, such as rosemary, which has high levels of camphor, and lavender,explains Dr Bedford.
Let's see, we have a Browning slug gun with a pretty walnut stock "made better" to shoot two-inch groups?
Whenever the sun comes we all know it's time to head to the beer garden for a slug of lager shandy, a slug of Irn-Bru and a slug of whisky.
Century is importing the full line of Sauvestre ammunition, which includes 12- and 20-gauge slugs in 2-3/4" and 3" cases as well as centerfire rifle ammunition.