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SLURPSemi-Distributed Land Use-Based Runoff Processes
SLURPStochastic Library Unit with Relationships Preserved
SLURPSpecial Laser Underwater Reporting Post
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Experts taste a wine based on one or two slurps (they slurp too), they reel off a few hundred adjectives and move on to the next glass.
SLURP is hosted by the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA), Member, From the Heart of Washington.
By simply connecting a device running Slurp to a PC via USB, firewire or Bluetooth, the 'PodSlurping' application enables a device to quickly copy (in less than two minutes) all business documents (.
THE competition's fierce as these giant pandas rushed to slurp down a bowl of milk after a hard day's work.
Women are more likely than men to most want to escape people who eat with their mouths open (46 percent to 34 percent,) talk with their mouths full (43 percent to 32 percent) or slurp their drinks (27 percent to 19 percent.
Centennial Software, a leading developer of endpoint security and IT asset discovery solutions, today noted the release of Slurp Audit -- from IT consultancy Sharp Ideas -- and identified the application as a valuable network vulnerability assessment tool.
SHOCKED: Ben & Jenni; FIZZY; Jakki appears to slurp the champers through a straw; POSES; She rambles on.
In addition MDM recently introduced the Nokia-branded Games-to-Go card, a premiere compilation of six games featuring Geopod, Lemonade Tycoon, Slurp and Solitaire for the Symbian OS.
Other soup personalities included: "muggers," who prefer to drink their soup from a mug (14 percent); "bowl tippers," who lift their bowl to the lips and drink (12 percent); and "slurpers," who put their soup spoon to the lips and make an audible slurp (7 percent).
And so you can enjoy your cool drink right down to the very last slurp.