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SMALLSmall Model Airplane Lovers League
SMALLShort Multiplexed Asynchronous Line Module
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For example, Ramos said, small defense contractors have up-armored Humvees, provided ceramic plating for antiballistic vests, and developed the hand-held language-translation device that's used by servicemembers serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the world.
In view of certain independence-related aspects of this interpretation, the Institute feared practitioners might feel obligated to implement the standard in a way that would unnecessarily restrict their activities as trusted advisers to their small business clients.
1 million students in the school sys tem, 42 small schools opened last fall and 60 more are scheduled to open this year as part of a major initiative by Mayor Michael R.
However, the colony morphologic findings were suggestive of small colony variants of S.
The Small Business Administration's loan programs represent 40% of small business lending.
No doubt I am preaching to the choir when I tell this group how important small businesses are in our nation's economy.
5 million small businesses, 11 percent were engaged in ecommerce activity in 1999
That's why most investors hold a variety of stocks, from blue chips such as General Electric to small companies such as St.
The rollover feature should make small business investments a hot item.
and a host of top professionals nationwide, the American Red Cross has developed a course specifically for those who supervise, instruct, or lead small craft activity including canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and rowboats.
JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY LIKES small business--liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, even aging Chinese Communists.
economy emerges from a recession, increased order flows produce profits faster for the small company, says Gerald Perritt, manager of the Perritt Capital Growth fund.