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SCARDSmart Card
SCARDSociety of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments
SCARDSkin Cancer Audit & Research Database (software)
SCARDSide Channel Analysis Resistant Design (software project)
SCARDSupport and Care after Road Death & Injury (bereavement group; UK)
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Already widely implemented by both commercial organizations (such as top-tier financial institutions) and government agencies (such as the State Department and the Department of Defense), smart cards provide higher security via two-factor authentication.
Vanderhoof alleges that all of these functionality issues spurred the smart card disfavor--the beginning of the end of a technology that excelled in one area (security) but faltered in another (usability).
Since 2000, more than 22 million new smart card drivers' licenses have been issued in the Philippines, which has already driven down license fraud, and has streamlined the process of managing data of all driving records and offenses.
According to SCIA figures, injection molded cards make up somewhere around 20% of smart cards as a whole.
So-called smart cards, which incorporate circuitry for processing information and keeping records, are already widely used in Europe and elsewhere for automatically paying tolls, making telephone calls, authorizing access to pay-TV or restricted facilities, carrying medical data, and performing bank transactions.
When a patient comes into the doctor's office, the receptionist passes the person's smart card through a point-of-service terminal and retrieves the patient's image and signature.
The MIPS32 4KSc smart card core, which is synthesizable and highly portable across silicon manufacturing processes, can be easily integrated into full system-on-chip designs.
The smart card applications will be on the MULTOS platform and may include electronic cash and Hitachi's loyalty program "Multi-Pockets".