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SMELTSimple Monitoring Evaluating and Logging Tool (disk monitoring)
SMELTShock Mitigation for Entry Location Tests
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I smelt him out this morning when I was alive; now that I am as one already dead, I smell him out again.
Steve Hill The main road from A470 from Abercynon to Mountain Ash has smelt of gas for years.
New legislation in the Marine Bill is likely to extend to the Environment Agency's duty to protect smelt, so fisheries officers wanted to determine if the species was still present in the River Tyne.
Many of the men preferred the citrus fragrance, and one person vomited after they smelt the lion urine,' he added.
One thing smelt lovers from both camps agree on: It's good that clouds of the skinny-bodied wrigglers are once again in the Columbia River and its tributaries.
This paper presents initial findings concerning the influence of metaborate addition on liquor burning properties, smelt bed melting behavior, and fireside deposit characteristics in superheaters.
Smelt bed samples were taken near the floor tubing in two kraft recovery boilers.
Soon someone would say "there they are," and we would strain to make out the dark figures of the smelt moving slowly beneath the shallow waves towards the light.
Results showed that, while the left nostril was more accurate in detecting the perfumes, everything smelt much sweeter with the right.