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They said that this year they would like the walk to finish at The Smog.
e smog was a result of the Scandinavian high pressure system which moved into the UK, combined with light easterly winds.
Scientists say pollutants and aerosols in the air enhance condensation of water in the atmosphere causing dense smog.
They then compared that information to levels of smog recorded by the Environmental Protection Agency's pollution monitoring sites in the area.
Targeting motorcycles that pollute is one way to reduce smog (5.
The strong immediate health response to the episode is evident in the coinciding sharp increase in mortality; however, the elevated mortality in the months after the smog requires a more detailed analysis.
California has reduced its vehicle emissions (and its smog problem) in recent years by encouraging these new technologies and mandating a low-sulfur gasoline that helps to keep even ordinary cars much cleaner.
What is so interesting about Moondog and Smog, then, is that they point to the limits of the space in which they are installed while implicitly suggesting what lies beyond them.
shop's Smog Check Test Analyzer Systems (TAS) and business records.
Some complained about month-long waits to get mandatory retests of cars that had been deemed "gross polluters" by previous smog tests.
Smog, after all, is little more than a minor irritant.
Asher's paper, together with other investigations of smog effects at lower elevations in the Los Angeles basin, prompted the Forest Service to look into the matter seriously.