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SNAGStarting New at Golf (educational equipment)
SNAGSociety of North American Goldsmiths
SNAGSensitive New Age Guy
SNAGSchool Nutrition Action Group
SNAGSenior Nevada Advocates on Guard
SNAGStudent Nurses' Association of Guam
SNAGSeafloor Noise Advisory Group
SNAGSingle Native American Guy
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It certainly was a slight armament with which to run the gauntlet through countries swarming with hostile hordes, and a slight bark to navigate these endless rivers, tossing and pitching down rapids, running on snags and bumping on sand-bars; such, however, are the cockle-shells with which these hardy rovers of the wilderness will attempt the wildest streams; and it is surprising what rough shocks and thumps these boats will endure, and what vicissitudes they will live through.
It required all his attention and skill, however, to pilot her clear of sand-bars and snags of sunken trees.
But the snags were thick, the water was treacherous and shallow, the boiler seemed indeed to have a sulky devil in it, and thus neither that fire- man nor I had any time to peer into our creepy thoughts.
The purpose of this study was to document how the abundance of snags at a particular site changed over 23 y of savanna restoration by fire and to document changes in the savanna breeding bird community along a gradient of snag abundance.
Caption: Sony's new image sensor, known as IMX324, can snag high-definition images of road signs as far as 160 meters (525 feet) away.
When a snag occurs, slip the metal frame over your line, hold the retrieval cord in one hand with the fishing line in the other and let the lure knocker slide down to the snag.
Lucknow: Over 100 passengers on Wednesday got stuck inside a Lucknow Metro train for more than an hour due to a technical snag on the first day of its commercial run, drawing flak from former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.
TRAPS, SNAGS AND DILEMMAS HAVE you ever felt unhappy with some aspect of your life but struggled to know how to change it?
An RBI survey has found that 30 per cent ATMs of public sector banks and 10 per cent belonging to private banks were non-functional due to technical snags, and no cash, among other reasons.
The flight AI 143, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, got delayed due to the snag and that apparently angered the pilot.
Results: The study showed significant results for both the interventions in the treatment of CGH but SNAG mobilization has been more effective in reducing pain in CGH patients.
Danish home loan provider, Nykredit Realkredit A/S, has pointed out a snag in the net stable funding ratio proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.