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SNIFFERScotland & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research
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The Sniffer Portable Lab 10GbE Analyzer combines the ease of use that Sniffer Portable solutions are known for with this next-generation technology, to monitor and analyze 10GbE links with an unsurpassed rate of data capture.
With the Sniffer Network Protection Platform, Network Associates is providing the pieces needed to monitor, identify, prioritize, and resolve threats to the business-critical networks at the heart of today's enterprises.
Sniffer Investigator is a plug and play network performance management solution with a set of additional features aimed at identifying and analysing network problems.
High-speed Sniffer solutions, including analysis solutions for Gigabit Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Packet over SONET networks, provide end-to-end visibility into all layers of network and application traffic.
Series One of The Original Whiffer Sniffers is available as 12 unique scented plush characters that can be purchased as either a smaller, collectible backpack clip size or a larger huggable plush size.
As enterprises and service providers deliver wireless LAN, they need the ability to view and manage the network as it is being deployed as well as once it is installed", said Tina Stewart, senior director of product marketing, Sniffer Technologies.
Only a few super sniffers have been installed at U.
By leveraging the Sniffer InfiniStream product, the City of Chandler can capture the network traffic required to perform a thorough analysis - allowing IT to identify peak load times and fix the problem, increasing reliability to the end users and ensuring they can register for classes without experiencing problems.
A new applicator (able to wipe down surfaces also) will be the core of IDenta's new SNIFFER.
Our relationship with Cisco demonstrates the joining of two industry leaders to address the rapidly growing need for quality, long-term network management solutions for wireless LAN customers around the globe," said Bakul Mehta, president of Sniffer Technologies.
Network General continues to differentiate itself in the market with the introduction of innovative new technology to its industry leading Sniffer platforms," said Rick Fitz, vice president of product management for Network General.
The Sniffer can be used by any law enforcement agency anywhere in the world that is involved in the detection and identifying of suspected substances.