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SNIPSStandard Negotiable Instrument Processing System
SNIPSSpay/Neuter Incentive Project and Sanctuary (Virginia)
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Caption: Most pliers have carbide or titanium cutters, but a Boomerang Snip, second from left, is a better bet for braid.
Once I got into the routine--snip, snip, toss, snip, snip, toss, blouse after blouse--I forgot about the other girls around me.
To make their sensors, the researchers use three ingredients: 13-nanometer-wide gold particles adorned with short strands of DNA; strands of so-called catalytic DNA, which can snip apart other DNA, strands; and longer DNA strands to which the first two ingredients attach.
We'll recommend a pair of tin snips that will get you through 90 percent of the jobs you'll run into.
These saved the SNIPS pounds 12 a week on their grocery bills.
To work the left side of a leaf, the bird views the action through its right eye and snips with the right side of its beak.
DULUX are under fire after an advert in which a woman snips a piece of a man's sweatshirt was copied in real life, it was revealed yesterday.
A straight-cutting type, for making straight cuts; a left-handed snips for cutting circles to the left; and a right-handed snips for cutting to the right.
Meiseles' Snips and his hair care friends (Curly Comb, Flyer Joe Dryer and the Clip-ette Sisters) help associate the brand with grooming.
The investigators purified a protein from human brain tissue that snips APP at the beta-secretase site.