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OSCAR watchers who found this year's ceremony a little snoozy should have been backstage when Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston, partners in life and work, hit the pressroom following their win for Best Documentary Short Subject.
At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, reporters usually shuffle along to a snoozy beat.
After all, as we complained in this space back in August, Bush had already three times issued executive orders delaying the release of records from Ronald Reagan's administration, and a snoozy press corps never called him on it.
The children in her book have hair "like bouncy baby lambs" or with "curls like sleeping cats in snoozy cat colors.
In the few snoozy moments it took me to grab my Cannon, the moon had gone ahead without me, leaving nothing to shoot.
It was as one of these that alea came to be so characteristic a plebeian activity: for the first-century writer on agriculture, Columella (a provincial, we note), the urban plebs was "a lazy and snoozy race of slaves, habituated to leisure, suburban promenades, the chariot-races, the theatres, dicing, cookshops and brothels".
Can you ignore the concept of fiction, always erudite, as game, pleasure, hobby, and puzzle--a mottage of rich and wellborn nouns that can roister with energetic verbs and colorful allusions, snoozy bedfellows all, content and uncomplained of?
The Snoozy inflatable sleeping pod might not look like much on the outside.
I was snoozy but I'd been told to treat the beginning of the day like any other and forge onwards.
The metallic silver accessories really elevate this look and take a plainish black dress out of snoozy territory.