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SOBERSon of a Bitch Everything's Real
SOBERSlow on the Bottle, Enjoy the Road :-)
SOBERShort of Being Entirely Ready (recovery slang)
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Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.
Don't let your sober face elate you, however; you don't know what it may come to.
Kimble, coming from the card-room, in some bitterness at the interruption, but drilled by the long habit of his profession into obedience to unpleasant calls, even when he was hardly sober.
Watch him as we pleased, we could do nothing to solve it; and when we asked him to his face, he would only laugh if he were drunk, and if he were sober deny solemnly that he ever tasted anything but water.
But in his most convulsive struggles, and in the wildest vagaries of his intellect, when no other thought retained its sober influence, he still showed an awful solicitude lest the black veil should slip aside.
I do not,' sez Peg, 'but dhrunk or sober I'll tear the hide off your back wid a shovel whin I've stopped singin'.
Then my heart it grew ashen and sober As the leaves that were crisped and sere -- As the leaves that were withering and sere -- And I cried -- "It was surely October On this very night of last year, That I journeyed -- I journeyed down here
He is not old: he's only six or seven and thirty; and she herself is twenty-eight, and as sober as if she were fifty.
For the King of Bekwando, drunk or sober, was a stickler for etiquette.
Nikita's wife Martha, who had once been a handsome vigorous woman, managed the homestead with the help of her son and two daughters, and did not urge Nikita to live at home: first because she had been living for some twenty years already with a cooper, a peasant from another village who lodged in their house; and secondly because though she managed her husband as she pleased when he was sober, she feared him like fire when he was drunk.
And on Monday morning, weary, he began the new week's work, but he had kept sober.
No wild passion of love, such as he had had for Steward, did he bear Villa and Harley, but he did develop for them a great, sober love.