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SODICSix of October Development and Investment Co. (Egypt)
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Sodic is currently developing a number of large and diversified projects in Egypt.
SODIC plans to begin construction and offer the first phase of units in the mixed-use development on its 1.
3]), which is 172 times less soluble than gypsum under standard conditions, has been suggested as having potential to provide a long-term ameliorative effect in sodic soils (Roth and Pavan 1991; Valzano et al.
Widely quoted, managing director at SODIC, Ahmed Badrawi, highlighted the firm's dilemma, explaining that while their current land allocation
SODIC was not affected by those investigations, but the turmoil since the 2011 uprising scared off the foreign investors who funded Egypt's biggest real estate projects.
Analysts say that in the real estate crisis, SODIC has emerged as a stronger candidate to weather the storm because of its presence beyond high-end homes and its stronger balance sheet.
Analysts say firms such as SODIC and Amer Group may have been oversold given stronger balance sheets that should help them weather the storm and a presence in sectors beyond high-end homes such as commercial property.
On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, Cairo University opened the SODIC Computer Lab in the Faculty of Science's Physics Department along with the Entrepreneurship Development Office (CEDO), a Nahdet El Mahrousa project.
Information generated so far on reclamation and management of sodic soils showed that, these alkali lands can be put to crop production provided they are ameliorated through amendments.
KARACHI, May 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A project PC-1 was in process of approval for a project proposed by the present government for reclamation of saline sodic soils in ADP-2009-10.