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s/cShort Circuit
S/CSupercharger (automobiles)
S/CStatement of Charges
S/CSales Confirmation (shipping)
S/CSafety Computer
S/CStep Climb (aviation)
S/CSuccess/Communication (Toastmasters Program)
S/CSet Course Time
S/CService Charge
S/CShopping Center
S/CSignal Conditioning
S/CSuper Comp (drag racing class)
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The number of monitors decreased rapidly in the early PACS years to 4 and then to 2 as users realized that reading in softcopy was radically different from reading film.
Validating a texture metric for camera phone images using a texture-based softcopy attribute ruler"
Partnering with Cedara enables us to offer the radiologist outstanding softcopy workstation workflow capabilities that will improve their productivity and enhance patient care.
Z/I Imaging provides open Windows-based imaging solutions, including aerial cameras, stereo softcopy workstations, analytic stereo plotters, photogrammetric scanners, and image management, processing, and distribution software.
Complete of the work) including softcopy for uploading of MIS for Plantation Work of Horticultural Scheme of Mango, Guava & Litchi Tree of 512 nos Beneficiary for Seven nos.
Z/I Imaging is a leading provider of Earth Imaging tools such as aerial cameras, stereo softcopy workstations, photogrammetric scanners, and image management and distribution software.
The Photizo Group defines MPS as 'outsourcing' the hard and/or softcopy document management functions.
Other details: Suitable DTP work to make; softcopy on MS-word document, and/or PDF file will be provided.
Created specifically to meet the x-ray needs of low volume private practices, the Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) Prima comes complete with a compact CR reader, an electronic viewing workstation, and an archiving system, enabling facilities to quickly and easily transition to a softcopy imaging environment.
Results showed no significant differences between the interpretations of conventional film mammography examinations and softcopy exams produced by the CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer.
During the conference, Z/I Imaging announced the evolution of softcopy photogrammetric production systems with its new ImageStation 2001 - the fifth generation of digital production systems.