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SOFTENSmile, Open Posture, Forward Lean, Touch, Eye Contact, and Nod (positive body language mnemonic)
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Disposed, however, as he always is to think the best of everyone, her display of grief, and professions of regret, and general resolutions of prudence, were sufficient to soften his heart and make him really confide in her sincerity; but, as for myself, I am still unconvinced, and plausibly as her ladyship has now written, I cannot make up my mind till I better understand her real meaning in coming to us.
A king does not allow himself to soften save at the tears of the innocent, the remorse of the guilty.
Our dear mother," faltered the fair Alice, "was living when these long tasks began, and bade us, when she should be no more, ply them in all discretion and cheerfulness, in our leisure hours; she said that if in harmless mirth and maidenly pursuits we passed those hours together, they would prove the happiest and most peaceful of our lives, and that if, in later times, we went forth into the world, and mingled with its cares and trials--if, allured by its temptations and dazzled by its glitter, we ever forgot that love and duty which should bind, in holy ties, the children of one loved parent--a glance at the old work of our common girlhood would awaken good thoughts of bygone days, and soften our hearts to affection and love.
Geppetto, though trying to look very stern, felt his eyes fill with tears and his heart soften when he saw Pinocchio so unhappy.
I would have you think of nothing else to-night--of nothing but those things which will soften your heart, dear friend, and open it to old affections and old times.
But if so, the reason is that when one reads such a letter as you have just sent me, one's heart involuntarily softens, and affords entrance to thoughts of a graver and weightier order.
Whether focusing on the bikini area, legs, or underarms, Soften Her keeps ladies' shaved and/or waxed skin looking (and feeling) unbelievably smooth, fresh, and healthy.
A cooling serum with glycerine, natural fruit AHAs and Vitamin C to soften rough skin.
Your style should soften any imperfections by emphasizing your most attractive feature.
Shea butter softens, rose hip oil counters moisture loss and roughness.
At Home: Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature (peaches will soften and get juicier .
The decision to soften or not to soften is a matter of personal preference, despite some exaggerated advertising and consumer misconceptions.