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SOLACESociety of Local Authority Chief Executives (UK)
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But he had deliberately incurred the hindrance, having made up his mind that it was now time for him to adorn his life with the graces of female companionship, to irradiate the gloom which fatigue was apt to hang over the intervals of studious labor with the play of female fancy, and to secure in this, his culminating age, the solace of female tendance for his declining years.
With his air of looking down on the highest, and confidentially inviting you to be of his company in the seat of the scorner he is irresistible; his very confession that he is a snob, too, is balm and solace to the reader who secretly admires the splendors he affects to despise.
But such illusions were usually dissipated, on coming out of church, by hearing his voice in jocund colloquy with some of the Melthams or Greens, or, perhaps, the Murrays themselves; probably laughing at his own sermon, and hoping that he had given the rascally people something to think about; perchance, exulting in the thought that old Betty Holmes would now lay aside the sinful indulgence of her pipe, which had been her daily solace for upwards of thirty years: that George Higgins would be frightened out of his Sabbath evening walks, and Thomas Jackson would be sorely troubled in his conscience, and shaken in his sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection at the last day.
In truth, this gentleman is a luxurious Ottoman, swimming about over the watery world, surroundingly accompanied by all the solaces and endearments of the harem.
The event, tagged Feel Unbothered, which is organised by Docebit Entertainment and supported by Solace Entertainment, is targeted at young stars in the city of Ibadan.
Solace Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused on control-oriented special situations and distressed-for-control investments in complex, distressed or capital-constrained, lower-middle market companies.
With Solace Cloud, we are able to spin up message brokers with just a few clicks,' said Zac Kwan, technical lead, ChatQ.
Solace technology moves mission critical, real-time data across and between businesses and global ecosystems.
NO SMALL SOLACE: Ameer with young patients at Solace.
The innovative Solace System features an outer, climate-controlled biosphere, which is contained within a tension fabric membrane, accompanied by interior cross-laminated timber modules used for living quarters, offices, and more.
Together, TCS and Solace Systems are helping to solve the combined complexity of data volume, coupled with velocity requirements of Big Data in digital transformation and Digital Reimagination initiatives.
Minister Burton can take no solace in this poll but she should use it to fight for the hard-pressed voters who voted for the party.