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SORStatement Of Reasons
SORSex Offender Registry
SorSorcerer (Dungeons and Dragons class)
SoRSchool of Rock (album)
SORSource Of Revenue
SORStrength of Recommendation
SORStreets of Rage (game)
SORStudy of Religion
SORSchedule of Rates (contracts)
SORSuccessive Overrelaxation
SORSystem of Record
SORSociety of Rheology
SORStarfire Optical Range (USAF)
SORStatement Of Requirement(s)
SORSmart Order Router (Smart Trade)
SORSouth of the River
SORSale or Return
SORSome Odd Reason (band)
SORState Of Readiness
SORSteam-Oil Ratio (oil production measurement)
SORResidual Oil Saturation
SoRSeal of Righteousness (gaming, world of warcraft)
SORSatisfait ou Remboursé (French: Satisfied or Reimbursed)
SORStatic O-Ring (Lenexa, KS)
SORStatutory Orders and Regulations (Canada)
SORSource Of Repair
SORSynchrotron Orbital RadiatIon
SORSouthern Ontario Railway
SORStatement of Responsibility (various organizations)
SORSpecific Operational Requirement(s)
SORSociety of Robots (robot-building community)
SoRShare of Responsibility
SORStrategic Oil Reserve
SORStatement of Operational Requirements
SORSurface Overflow Rate
SORStart Of Record
SORStade Olympique Romorantinais (French soccer team; est. 1930)
SoRShadows of Reality (game)
SORSouthern Oil Refineries (Wagga Wagga, Australia)
SORSources of Reference
SORShare of Requirement (marketing)
SORSouth Orient (Railroad)
SORStand-Off Radar
SORStand Off Range
SORSouth of Range (installations and locations south of the Alaskan range; US Army)
SORStable Orbit Rendezvous
SORSource of Receipt (finance)
SORStock-Out Risk
SORSpecial Occurrence Report
SORStandard Oxygen Required
SORStudent Owed Repayment
SORShipping Order Request
SORsevere off-road (vehicles/conditions)
SORStatement of Release (various organizations)
SORSpecific Orders and Requirements
SoRStaff of Recovery (gaming, MMORPG Ragnarok Online)
SORSystem for Optimized Recruitment
SORService Object Request
SORService Order Request (various companies)
SORSubscript Out of Range (computing)
SORSons of the Revolution
SORSud Ouest Radiateurs (French: Southwest Tire)
SORSchool Organisation Review (UK)
SORSexual Orientation Regulations (anti-discrimination)
SORSound of Rails (band)
References in classic literature ?
Oh, no," said Wilson, with a sigh, "I didn't expect that, but I can't believe Luigi killed your uncle, and I feel very sorry for him.
I shall always be very sorry that you went to the sea this autumn, instead of coming here.
I have it on my conscience to tell you -and I will tell you -- that I am sorry to see how this intimacy is growing.
I am only sorry that we let them have the golden arrow.
It was a lovely country, with plenty of flowers and fruit trees and sunshine to cheer them, and had they not felt so sorry for the poor Scarecrow, they could have been very happy.
As for the son, I am sorry for him when we meet, rather than for myself.
Suddenly Philip realised that she was crying because of what he had said, and he was sorry.
But I'm sorry to hear all this 'bout the Crooked Magician.
Dear Juliet,--I am sorry that I am unable to carry out my promise to come and see you, but I have been slightly indisposed for some days, and am leaving London, for the present, almost at once.
The winter is not far off, game is getting scarcer and scarcer, our stock of provisions is running low, and the sick--especially, I am sorry to say, the sick in the
I felt as fond of her and as sorry for her as my wife.
I'm too sorry for you to leave any room for anger in my mind.