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SOURSource (genealogical term)
SOURSound of the Underground (band)
SOURSoftware Use and Reuse
SOURSpecific Oxygen Uptake Rate (property of soils or sludges, expressed as mgO2/g dry weight)
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Salt instead of sugar, and the cream is sour," replied Meg with a tragic gesture.
Laurie took Amy to drive, which was a deed of charity, for the sour cream seemed to have had a bad effect upon her temper.
In a by-yard, there was a wilderness of empty casks, which had a certain sour remembrance of better days lingering about them; but it was too sour to be accepted as a sample of the beer that was gone - and in this respect I remember those recluses as being like most others.
It is expected that yoghurt and sour milk products will register healthy growth at a CAGR of 4% at constant 2014 prices over the forecast period.
The Sour + Wild + Funk Fest is Indianapolis' first beer festival to focus exclusively on one of the hottest trends in craft beer: sour ales," said Charles Stanley, strategic projects manager for Upland Brewing Co.
BEIRUT: There were no real surprises in the Lebanese Premier League this weekend as Nejmeh moved to the top of the table after a decisive 3-1 win over Tadamoun Sour.
Project status Abu Dhabi Naitonal Oil Company (Adnoc) has moved ahead with developing sour gas as high oil prices have made the project commercially viable and domestic gas demand has jumped in recent years.
Add cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, 1 teaspoon orange juice, butter, vanilla, salt and orange peel.
Spread with sour cream, scatter with baby spinach leaves (or wild rocket) and top with the hot chicken mix.
NON-VEGETARIAN: Snickers ice cream bar (gelatin), sweet and sour dipping sauce (anchovies)
But Bonduelle has also added new recipes: Florentine (spinach and sour cream with a touch of garlic and butter) and 4 Saveurs (green beans, marrows, spinach, peas and sour cream with garlic and butter and a final recipe, pumpkin with sour cream).