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SOVSubject Object Verb
SOVSpace Operations Vehicle
SOVSuperior Ophthalmic Vein
SOVSostanze Organiche Volatili (Italian: volatile organic compounds)
SOVShot on Video
SOVStatement of Values
SOVSeguro Obligatorio de Viajeros
SOVSilicon Oxide Varistor
SOVSword of Valor (from the game Tibia)
SOVSolicitation of Views
SOVSwords of Villanousity (gaming guild)
SOVSource of Verification (project management)
SOVStade Olympique Voironnais (French rugby club; Voiron, France)
SOVShort Option Value (investing)
SOVSource of Volume (marketing)
SOVSide Open Vest (Pinnacle Armor Company)
SOVSoil Organic Vapor
SOVSex Offender Verification (background database)
SOVSound On Vision
SOVStatement of Volatility
SOVStatement of Variance (accounting)
SOVSymphonie Orchester Vorarlberg (Austria)
SOVStar of Victory
SOVSystem Operations Validation Test (LSE Space Engineering and Operations AG)
SOVSubstitution of Vehicle (insurance policy amendment)
SOVSubstance Organique Volatile (French: Volatile Organic Substance)
SOVSud Ouest Vacances (French: Southwest Vacations)
SOVSales Order Value
SOVSolenoid-Operated Valve
SOVService Oriented Virtualization (computing)
SOVShades of Violence (gaming clan)
SOVSeparation of Variables (differential equations)
SOVSchedule of Values (American Institute of Architects)
SOVScars of Velious (Everquest)
SOVShare Of Voice
SOVShut Off Valve
SOVSingle Occupancy Vehicle
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Critique: A work of painstaking scholarship, "A Historical and Legal Study of Sovereignty in the Canadian North: Volume 1: Terrestrial Sovereignty" is a seminal work covering Canadian terrestrial sovereignty from 1870 to 1939 and is part of the University of Calgary Press 'Northern Lights' series.
Critique: An informed and informative work that is both thoughtful and thought-provoking, "Jamaica's Difficult Subjects: Negotiating Sovereignty in Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Criticism" is an impressive and original study that is enhanced with the inclusion of an eight page Bibliography and a comprehensive Index.
Sovereignty building cannot be characterized as a doctrine since it is not codified in official UN documents such as the Capstone Doctrine of 2008.
Further, Lincoln worried that the Kansas-Nebraska Act's notion of popular sovereignty was especially insidious because it was becoming popular.
They are a flexible, inexpensive, and culturally inclusive means of having "boots on the ground" to demonstrate sovereignty and to conduct or support domestic operations.
This Article attempts, first, to east some philosophical light on the jurisprudence of international courts by distilling and examining the two central questions raised by sovereignty transfers: the liberty question (What limits does the liberty of the individual pose to sovereignty tranafers?
Gratton argues that sovereignty is always related in narrative form.
Hoehn's thesis is that the 2004 decisions of the Supreme Court in Haida Nation v British Columbia (Minister of Forests) (2) and Taku River Tlingit First Nation v British Columbia (Project Assessment Director) (5) mark the beginning of a shift in paradigm, one that moves away from a "discovery paradigm" to a "sovereignty paradigm" that recognizes the equality of peoples and the respective sovereignty claims of Aboriginal peoples and the Crown.
The ongoing sovereignty disputes in the South and East China Seas -- involving China, Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia -- are particularly poisonous, because they also carry a heavy burden of historical grievance.
The recovery of sovereignty by the majority in mainland Japan was realized in return for the loss of sovereignty by the minority -- Okinawa, Ogasawara and Amami located away from the mainland.
It also supported all the measures and peaceful means taken by the UAE to restore its sovereignty over the islands.
13:12 Udo Braendle: The levels make sense, as we see levels of sovereignty: formal sovereignty versus operational sovereignty.