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SPANSpanish (language course)
SPANSuicide Prevention Action Network (various locations)
SPANSwitch Port Analyzer (Cisco)
SPANSatellite Public Affairs Network
SPANSwitched Port Analyzer
SPANService Providers Advisory Network
SPANServices and Protocols for Advanced Networks
SPANSí Pero Aquí No (Spanish: Not in My Back Yard; sociology)
SPANSpacecraft Analysis (US NASA)
SPANStudent Project for Amity among Nations (various locations)
SPANSmall Publishers Association of North America
SPANStandard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
SPANSuicide Prevention Advocacy Network
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network
SPANServices and Protocols for Advanced Networks (ETSI)
SPANSaudi Payments Network
SPANSubmarine Piloting and Navigation (US Navy)
SPANSolar Particle Alert Network
SPANServices Program for Aging Needs
SPANSouthern Pine Awareness Network
SPANSharing Peripherals across the Network
SPANSecurity Policy Automation Network
SPANService Providers Advisory Network (Tampa, Florida)
SPANSpace Plasma Analysis Network
SPANSpecialist Practitioner Adult Nursing
SPANSolar Physics Analysis Network
SPANSpecial Parametric Analysis of Control Nodes
SPANSulfonic Acid Ring substituted Poly Aniline
SPANSystem Projection and Analysis
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Worms with a certain mutation in daf-2 had a doubled life spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>>, but worms with mutations in both genes had a normal life span.
Kenyon found something more intriguing: Certain subtle mutations in the gene enabled a developing worm to bypass the dauer state but still have an abnormally long life spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>>.
27) As members of Makhulu Spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> wrote to the Resident Magistrate of Qumbu, three years after the formation of the organization in late 1956,
In other words Makhulu Spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> appropriated categories and much of the institutional language and practice of the state.
Beyond offering further proof that single genes can have dramatic influences on longevity, an idea that drew skepticism just a decade ago, the new finding may help scientists explain how severely reducing calorie intake extends life spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> in a variety of animals (SN: 11/25/00, p.
Isolating female worms had no effect on their life spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>>.
When combined with the replacement of the movable spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> over the navigation channel, the entire bridge will have been rebuilt to 21st century engineering standards.
The known statistic is that it will cost somewhere in the $2 billion to $3 billion range to replace the 60-year-old East Bay spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> - and to shore up four other Bay Area bridges that are vulnerable to serious damage in a major earthquake.
The 10 GigaBit Spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanspan>>>>>>>>> Regeneration Tap connects monitoring devices to any two network switch Span ports, enabling independent monitoring of each Span port.