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No one, I believe, has suspected that these varieties of maize are distinct species; and it is important to notice that the hybrid plants thus raised were themselves perfectly fertile; so that even Gartner did not venture to consider the two varieties as specifically distinct.
Three years before, at a church festival, he had stated specifically that he would die for her.
This was my indictment, and I specifically and at length challenged you to answer it.
The inference is that, had the taxpayer specifically identified an allowance account (or portion thereof) as offsetting the bad debt in question--as in Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc.
Specifically, section 216(a)(1) allows a tenant-stockholder to deduct his or her proportionate share of the real estate taxes the co-op can deduct under section 164.
For example, EMC will offer a storage virtualization solution, codenamed Storage Router, which includes software specifically built to take advantage of intelligent SAN switches.
Specifically developed for hourly workers from operations and maintenance and nontechnical support workers
Specifically, the broker must prove that it generated the chain of circumstances that proximately led to the transaction.
Vocational Education Although Samuel Cotton's study does not take place specifically in a community college, it addresses the needs of vocational education.
These areas are all specifically detailed in the NRA Manual for Accessibility, which also contains a building access survey form.
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