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SPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
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In both 2006 and 2007, Spectra Logic libraries including the T50 won the Diogenes Labs--Storage Magazine Quality Award for mid-range tape libraries.
Spectra Logic is combining proven hardware and software to offer a secure method for storing data onsite and moving large amounts of data between locations," said Molly Rector, vice president of marketing for Spectra Logic.
Spectra Logic's D500 disk appliance lets administrators take advantage of disk for backup, with a streamlined path for data movement to tape," said Matt Starr, CTO for Spectra Logic.
IT managers worldwide have managed backups with Spectra Logic libraries and Symantec/VERITAS software in their networks for nearly a decade," said Mike Garcia, Backup Exec product manager at Symantec.
The Spectra T24 library with two half-height LTO-3 drives transfers compressed data at 240 MB/sec throughput and provides a capacity of up to 19 TB.
Spectra BlueScale Encryption is the only fully integrated AES-256 bit encryption offering available in tape and disk libraries today.
Crawford originally had tapes in multiple formats in its library and transitioned to digital format to conserve space, with Spectra Logic libraries.
Spectra PE 'raises the bar' in many ways and is clearly differentiated from generic IT modeling and code generation tools by its built-in application-domain-specific 'intelligence'.
Larry, Brian, Molly and Jen are key figures in defining Spectra Logic's vision and overall corporate direction," said Nathan Thompson, chief executive officer for Spectra Logic.
The flexible LXI OS/400 Backup Director bridge uses multiple interface types and can support multiple connections between a Spectra Logic library or drive and OS/400 systems.
Spectra PE adds radio platform modeling and enhanced automatic document generation to the Spectra SE (Standard Edition) functionality.