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SPICESoftware Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination (European software development model)
SPICEStratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (geoengineering project; UK)
SPICEScientific Personal Integrated Computing Environment
SPICESimulation Program With Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPICEStanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education
SPICEStatewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology (North Carolina)
SPICESociety, Partners, Investors, Customers, Employees (business stakeholders)
SPICESingle Pass Inkjet Color Engine
SPICESpace Integrated Control Experiment
SPICESPectral Imaging of Correlative Events (seismology software)
SPICESociety for Promotion of Indian Culture and Ethics
SPICESituation, Problem, Investigation, Construction, Evaluation (engineering)
SPICEScientific Parks and Innovation Centers Experts (Ukraine)
SPICEStanford Program for Integrated Circuit Emulation
SPICESmall Portable Initial Communications Equipment (USAF)
SPICESprint Intelligent Computing Environment
SPICESimulation of Polymorphic Interactome in Cancer Etiology (Toronto, Canada)
SPICESmart Protocol for Internet Cellular Exchange
SPICESmart, Precise-Impact and Cost-Effective Guidance Kits (munitions)
SPICESocial, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional (child development early learning goals)
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That would be a very fitting place for the Spice Girls to reform but unfortunately I don't think you'll be seeing the Spice Girls on stage this year," Mel C said about the rumors of Spice Girls performing at London Pride.
Talking about the benefits of using Garlic Spice oil, the company's spokesman said, "At Neoessentialoils.
Turmeric is a wonder spice and is used throughout Asia to treat cases of stomach and liver ailments.
Historically, the developed countries, being the major importers of spices, have always insisted on unreasonably strict standards, which have had adverse effects on spice trade.
a0x20 With dozens of SKUs, The Fresh Market's own brands have the largest presence within the spice and seasoning offerings, and they are merchandised in a brand-blocking fashion.
Odor Blocker is an invisible solid antiperspirant/deodorant that P&G says delivers stronger and longer sweat protection than other Old Spice collections and a 50% increase in the brand's BCD odor fighting technology.
As a general rule, the flavors from a spice take time to infuse into the food so spices are added early in preparation of food.
It is fitting that Janet joins Mike on this stretch of his tour as the month of September commemorates the 11th anniversary of Savory Spice Shop.
If we can convert our spice basket with more and more of organic spice exports we can capture the whole market," said he.
Kerala has the added advantage of a large number of expatriates around the world who would settle for nothing less than the top-quality spices from home, which has added more muscle to Kerala's spice production and spice exports", Jayalthilak said.
To set up the state-of-the-art world class manufacturing unit in Zanzibar, Everest Spices is planning to invest around Rs.