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SPLINEScalable Platform for Large Interactive Networked Environments (trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories; software; virtual environment compatability)
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You can do it with standard shop tools, but the process is made easier with a "screen mouse" or spline wheel.
Spline functions have been used primarily in statistics, and later on in business and econometrics.
The preceding analysis shows that spline curve, planned in the height-time (H-T) profile, can be used to solve the two-point boundary problem.
The smooth interpolating curves of spline function are unlikely to reveal the large oscillations feature of high-dimension polynomials.
The non-polynomial cubic spline method has been used to solve many PDEs (Ramadan et al.
Computations are carried out using the parameters values and the error norms and at various time levels are noted in Tables 3-4 along with the results of cubic B- spline collocation method given in [4].
2) Cut a spline a slot using the jig face as a guide.
Methods: The first lactation measurements are analyzed by two methods (Wood and cubic spline regression model in two knots: CSR1 and CSR2) for description of the lactation curve using SAS statistical package program.
As such, they do not fit with the phenomenological world we inhabit; designers using spline modelers "model" reality by converting it into a stripped-down mathematical script, and the continuous lines and uniform surfaces they draw or make are ultimately only a material approximation of the mathematical functions that computers have calculated for them.
X) act as differential operators on the box spline.
The spline is like a thin rope, made of vinyl or similar material.