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SPOILStored Procedure Object Interface Layer
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Nay, but,'' said the chief Outlaw, ``we did but half the work at most take of the spoil what may reward your own neighbours and followers.
But such recollections dwell not long with those who lead a life of danger and enterprise, and ere the sound of the death-hymn had died on the wind, the outlaws were again busied in the distribution of their spoil.
Valiant knight,'' said Locksley to the Black Champion, ``without whose good heart and mighty arm our enterprise must altogether have failed, will it please you to take from that mass of spoil whatever may best serve to pleasure you, and to remind you of this my Trysting-tree?
Locksley now proceeded to the distribution of the spoil, which he performed with the most laudable impartiality.
I would,'' said the leader, ``we could hear tidings of our joyous chaplain he was never wont to be absent when meat was to be blessed, or spoil to be parted; and it is his duty to take care of these the tithes of our successful enterprise.
The spoils were indeed very large; for, notwithstanding that much was consumed, a great deal of plate, rich armour, and splendid clothing, had been secured by the exertions of the dauntless outlaws, who could be appalled by no danger when such rewards were in view.
But it spoils all, that at this point and crisis the author of the history leaves this battle impending, giving as excuse that he could find nothing more written about these achievements of Don Quixote than what has been already set forth.
I've never noticed that water spoils pumpkins," returned Tip; "unless the water happens to be boiling.
Fragment #4 -- Scholiast on Euripedes, Troades 31: For the followers of Acamus and Demophon took no share -- it is said -- of the spoils, but only Aethra, for whose sake, indeed, they came to Ilium with Menestheus to lead them.
According to the Resettlement Action Plan specially prepared for the Ghazi Barotha Project on the recommendation of the loaning agency World Bank and with the approval of the government of Pakistan, WAPDA had to resale back the land of spoil banks to its original land owners after completion of the project and its usage.
The use of spoil detection-based smart labels is an ideal way to detect the spoilage of food materials.