SSJSisters of St. Joseph
SSJSuper Saiya-Jin (Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT)
SSJService de Santé de la Jeunesse (French: Youth Health Service; Switzerland)
SSJSouthside Johnny (band)
SSJSukhoi Super Jet
SSJSociety of St. John (religious order)
SSJSociology of Sport Journal
SSJStudents for Social Justice
SSJServer-Side Java
SSJSaints Simon and Jude (church and school)
SSJSole-Source Justification
SSJStochastic Simulation in Java
SSJStranka Srpskog Jedinstva (Party of Serb Unity, Serbia and Montenegro)
SSJSandnessjoen, Norway - Stokka (Airport Code)
SSJStephen S Jemal (founder of SSJ Development LCC)
SSJSelf-Screening Jammer
SSJScratch Score du Jour (French: Scratch Score of the Day; golf)
SSJSwimming Science Journal
SSJSarka, Sabaliauskas, Jankauskas (Lithuanian law firm)
SSJSingle Sideband Jammer
SSJStrings of St John's (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
SSJSt. Joseph's Society of the Sacred Heart, Josephites (religious order)
SSJSlantShack Jerky (Jersey City, NJ)
SSJSouth Side Jokers (street gang)
SSJSalop Saab and Jeep Ltd. (UK)
SSJSingle Source Justification (various organizations)
SSJSyndrome de Stevens-Johnson (French: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome)
SSJSegelsallskapet I Jakobstad (yacht club in Jakobstad-Pietarsaari, Finland)
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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Tue, Sep 23, 2014 - UTair-Express will only take delivery of its first of six SSJ 100-95s on order from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft towards the end of the year UTair President, Passenger Airlines, Oleg Semenov, has said.
The key feature of SSJ is that the algorithm stores the most used portion of the disk-based relation, which matches the frequent items in the stream, in memory.
Another 10 SSJ 100s will be delivered to domestic airlines Aeroflot and Armavia.