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STALEShort Tarsus with Absence of Lower Eyelashes
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Second, as to what particular form of human affliction you implied when you described that man as "gone stale.
Bilawal informed that no proper mechanism was present for disposing the stale and substandard fish at market.
He said: "We can either sit still and continue being stale or we can dream and hope for better things.
Malti Madhukar Pahade had filed a complaint against the carrier for serving her stale food on her flight from Mumbai to New York.
The credit union reviewed its ledger of stale checks, which showed Vickers reissued stale checks to pay her credit card bills.
Pain Perdu, or "lost bread", takes old, stale bread and revitalises it.
And Foley, 30, links up with his old Wolves manager Stale Solbakken who is in charge of the Danish giants.
PENALTY CLAUSE: Boss Stale Solbakken remonstrates with the match officials after the penalty decision which went against Wolves at The Riverside Stadium.
We don't believe Stale, just because he is not well known in English football, is a gamble.
He said: "I've known about Stale for a few years and then he went to FC Cologne.
Even the WikiLeaks cables from our own Stale Department prove they are coming from Central America; they are not coming from the U.
A TEESSIDE park is urging visitors to not feed its animals after a goat, which was fed stale bread, died.