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SMSASydney Mechanics' School of Arts (Australia)
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMSASchool Meals Supervisory Assistant (UK)
SMSANational Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
SMSASouthern Maryland Sailing Association
SMSASeabee Memorial Scholarship Association
SMSASheffield Malaysian Students Association (UK)
SMSASmoky Mountain Soaring Association (aviation)
SMSASuomen Murteiden Sana-Arkisto (Finnish)
SMSASingapore Malaysian Student Association
SMSAStittsville Minor Softball Association (Canada)
SMSASeaman Apprentice, Signalman Striker (Naval Rating)
SMSASurrey Masonic Sports Association (UK)
SMSASprint Metropolitan Service Area
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Our discussion will proceed in three stages: Definition and clarification of commercial office space and the demand for it; data sources, assumptions, and method of calculation of demand; and application of the methodology to estimate demand in a specific area: the Chicago Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area.
For background information, see Federal Committee on Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas, "Documents Relating to the Metropolitan Statistical Area Classification for the 1980's,' Statistical Reporter, August 1980, pp.
The upper limit for the alliances will be a population level of around two million people, except for Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSAs), which will be part of one health alliance regardless of population size.
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