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STHSomething (IRC/SMS)
STHStash (file type)
STHSomatotropic Hormone (growth hormone)
STHStore Halfword (IBM)
STHSilver Thomas Hanley (Australian architects & health planners)
STHSo Totally Hot
STHSchwab, Twitty & Hanser Architectural Group, Inc
STHSystem Test Hardware
STHSciences et Technologies pour Le Handicap (French: Science and Technology for the Disabled; journal)
STHStructural-Thermal Subsystem
STHSteeper Than Hell (ski run at Snowbird, Utah)
STHSequential Trunk Hunt (call assignment scheme)
STHShark Tooth Hill (California)
STHSciences, Techniques et Humanités (French: Science, Technology and Humanities)
STHService Technique d'Hygiène (French: Technical Department of Health)
STHStar Tracker Head
STHSualti Temizlik ve Bilinclendirme Hareketi Dernegi (Turkish: Underwater Purification and Awareness Activity)
STHSoil-Transmitted Helminth (parasitic worm)
STHString Handle
STHSaint Thomas Hospital (Nashville, TN)
STHStorm the Hillside (band)
STHStraight to Hell
STHSave the Homeland (gaming, Harvest Moon series)
SThStudent in Theology
STHSheffield Teaching Hospitals
StHSonic the Hedgehog
STHSpeed Touch Home (Alcatel DSL)
STHShadow the Hedgehog (game)
STHShort Term Hire
STHScience, Technology and Health
STHSheraton Towers Hotel
STHStairway To Heaven (song and TV show)
STHState Trunk Highway (Wisconsin)
STHSubtropical High
STHSeason Ticket Holder
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Regional Adviser Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO Dr Albis Francesco Gabrielli shared the global perspective of STH, its consequences and need of de-worming.
In July 2012, we approached the directors of 18 primary schools in Belen (4)--an impoverished community in the Peruvian Amazon, highly endemic for STH infections--to participate in this cross-sectional study.
Our main objective here is to eventually eliminate the source of STH infections, she said.
STH infections can lead to anemia, malnutrition, impaired mental and physical development, and reduced school participation.
Following the acquisition, STH will be operated by its current executive management team, who will also remain investors in the new company.
The provision of safe drinking water, sanitary latrines, and sanitary methods of refuse disposal, adequate nutritious diet, proper housing, and health education to the rural and urban dwellers reduce the incidence and prevalence of STH infection.
STEPHEN THOMPSON to get sucked STH refused into a ver hit claiming will stil some verbal spat after Green again called for Charles Gree Rangers to r bu fans RESPECT the Scottish boycott of Tannadice.
Briggs' STH machine operates at the charity's Chelmsford warehouse in Essex where, for six weeks, it will handle around 25,000 shoeboxes.
2) Little is known about the impact of STH infestation in children under 2 years of age, although reports show that preschool children account for 10-20% of the burden among those affected worldwide.
Mr Robertson claims STH agreed a fiveyear contract with his Hebburn-based company, Robertson Scaffolding LTD, in 2008.
As part of control programmes, the WHO recommends annual treatment of all children aged 1-15 in STH endemic areas with single dose albendazole (or mebendazole).