StHGBundesgesetz Über Die Harmonisierung der Direkten Steuern der Kantone Und Gemeinden (Federal Law on the Harmonization of Direct Cantonal and Communal Taxes; Switzerland)
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100% ownership in the West African Mining venture, reducing the company's funding requirements to $450,000 from $750,000, saving the company $300,000 in commitments and increasing its ownership position in what company executives feel will be a highly profitable venture for STHG and its shareholders.
The overall business direction for STHG and its shareholders in 2012 will focus in mining operations.
Atkinson comments, "We have completed various JV agreements which will allow STHG to be potentially producing within first year of operations, which is, for the most part, unheard of for a new Gold company.
The company is currently finalizing discussions toward an acquisition that STHG execs feel, "will maximize our potential in both West Africa and North America.
Concurrently, the company is finalizing agreements with the appropriate government officials in Sierra Leone to vend its operations there into STHG.
As part of its overall goals for growth and market appeal, STHG is also now in the process of filing financial statements toward Current Information Tier on OTC Markets.
STHG is seeking to expand its operations through franchising the Steadfast Custom Linings, LLC business model and through acquisition or expansion of company owned stores and through subsidiary licensing agreement.