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XXXTurkey (3 consecutive strikes in bowling)
XXXAdult film rating
XXXCorps (Graphical Representation/Army)
XXXTriple X (Wrestling Tag Team)
XXXStraightedge (slang for no beer, no drugs, no promiscuous sex)
XXXPAN PAN (logging abbreviation)
XXX150 Proof (alcoholic beverages)
XXXExtra Strong Mint (UK and Ireland)
XXXNo currency transactions (ISO code; lack of trade)
XXXThree X Level of decontamination
XXXInternet Top-Level Domain Name for Adult Sites
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The straightedge subculture on the Internet: A case study of style-display Online.
8-m straightedge placed across the wheelpath and the surface of the pavement, and the width of the rut based on a 1.
Levelness of the die can be checked easily with a straightedge across the cutting surface.
nd] Breezy Point, NY defensive Eco Home(TM) rebuild project with Straightedge Builders.
Using a 12-foot-long straightedge, engineers learned that the pavement surface on the road's northernmost lane deviated by more than the allowable standard of a quarter-inch, high or low, the county said Thursday.
Another bonus: Long levels make a nice straightedge.
An ideal curriculum supplement specific to the compass and the straightedge is "Compass Construction: Activities For Using A Compass And Straightedge" by Christopher M.
Whether chronicling the nuances of the hard-core scene, commenting on its world via the no-drugs/no-booze straightedge perspective, or simply opening an emotional vein and letting it flow, Bane's songs are inevitably well-crafted and smart, though supercharged enough to ignite the passionate punk kids supportive of the band.
Get someone to hold the plasterboard shape in place on the ceiling for you and then put a straightedge across it.
Paper folding can also be used to solve problems that have been interesting in the context of Euclidean constructions with straightedge and compass.
Presenting beautiful Islamic works from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with a series of pattern-making activities involving straightedge and compass, these materials are designed for use in the classroom and may be readily adapted by teachers to create exciting lessons in art, culture, math and geometry.
As a result, the good old-fashioned straightedge men's shave has been nearly wiped out.