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STRETCHSafe Time for Recreation, Enrichment and Tutoring for Children (Chula Vista, CA)
STRETCHStorage and Retrieval by Content of Imaged Documents (European Strategic Program for Research in Information Technology)
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And there was one bad stretch where in two days they covered nine miles, being compelled to turn their backs three times on the river and to portage sled and outfit over the mountains.
And in this stretch of ocean, lookouts were mastheaded at day-dawn and kept mastheaded until twilight of evening, when the Mary Turner was hove-to, to hold her position through the night.
There the three travelers were to stretch themselves some moments before their departure.
This has also resulted in no new highway stretch being completed this year," said NDS spokesperson Michaela Michalova, as cited by the Hospodarske Noviny daily.
As a general rule, stretch your major muscle groups after you exercise as it can help you to optimise your joints' range of motion.
Stretch first thing in the morning to jump-start your day.
STRETCH WITH PELVIC TILT PULL your foot up behind your 4Quad bum until you start to feel a stretch in the quads (fronts of thighs).
Doctors dealing with several stretch related issues say that a lack of flexibility makes a person more susceptible to muscle strains or other soft tissue injuries, thus hindering our day-to-day activities.
All major muscle groups and at least one stretch for each joint movement are included in the programs described.
The protocol included performances of four acute stretch interventions, each representing a different combination of static and dynamic stretches of the hip flexors (agonists) and extensors (antagonists).
Stretch for a few minutes as soon as you step out of a hot shower or bath.
the time the film spends in the stretch gap during the stretching process, and [epsilon] is the elongation.