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STRIDESpoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Elevation of Privilege (mnemonic for threats to software, used to make threat-modeling scenarios)
STRIDEStaff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (Indira Gandhi Open University)
STRIDEScience and Technology for Regional Innovation and Development in Europe
STRIDEStudents Taking Responsibility in Developing Excellence
STRIDEStudy of Treatment for Renal Insufficiency Data and Evaluation
STRIDEStriving Toward Rider Instruction & Dressage Education
STRIDESuccess Through Responsibility, Initiative, Determination and Employment
STRIDESystem to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence
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the woman spoke soothingly as she covered the ground with long strides.
that,'' he said, extending his arm, as if to grasp the baton of office, and assuming a loftier stride along the antechamber, ``that is indeed a prize worth playing for
Now the buildings of the outer court were at least five feet high, and it was impossible for me to stride over them without infinite damage to the pile, though the walls were strongly built of hewn stone, and four inches thick.
The huge limbs moved as steadily as pistons, eight feet to each stride, and the wrinkled skin of the elbow points rustled.
Is this the way in which usurpers stride to dominion over a numerous and enlightened nation?
Most of us now had lost the first speed of the chase, and had fallen into a longer and steadier stride.
The Englishman seemed to appreciate this extreme delicacy, made his bow and went away, proceeding with a characteristic British stride towards the street mentioned.
His musket bounced a trifle from his shoulder at each stride and made his cap feel uncertain upon his head.
And now the tale must stride forward over many months, leaving Pearson to encounter ignominy and misfortune; his wife to a firm endurance of a thousand sorrows; poor Ilbrahim to pine and droop like a cankered rosebud; his mother to wander on a mistaken errand, neglectful of the holiest trust which can be committed to a woman.
Then let him rise before daylight, button his greatcoat, muffle up his ears, and stride with the departing caravan a mile or two, to see how sturdily they make head against the blast.
Whenever Antaeus took a walk, supposing it were but ten miles, and that he stepped a hundred yards at a stride, you may try to cipher out how much mightier he was, on sitting down again, than when he first started.
Often it is impossible to tell what inconsiderate trifle puts her off her stride.