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SUAVESport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme (computer game)
SUAVESystem Used to Assess Vented Emissions (oceanography)
SUAVEStrategic Unmanned Air Vehicle Experiment (UK)
SUAVESubmersible System Used to Assess Vented Emissions
SUAVESavant and University of Adelaide VHDL (Virtual Hardware Description Language) Extensions (Australia and US)
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His had not been the victory of honied falsehoods, of suave deceit, of gentle but legalised robbery.
A suave, black-coated young clerk hastened to the desk.
And if I could have mine," retorted the Heathen in His Blindness, bitterly malevolent but oleaginuously suave, "I'd fan all yours out of the universe.
Beyond, the hill farms were lying in a suave, white radiance.
He was a massive, implacable man with a handsome face, arbitrary and exacting with his dependants, but marvellously suave in his manner to admiring strangers.
For you, dear Lucille," Lady Carey said with suave and deadly satire, "what improvement is possible?
Menounos kicked off the goodness in NewYork, where Suave Professionals stylists offered free hair makeovers and samples of the new Suave Professionals Natural Infusion products to women at Broadway Plaza in Times Square.
It was plain sailing for Cash Asmussen on Suave Dancer who powered home down the far rail to win by four lengths, after Environment Friend had brought George Duffield on a wide and meandering tour of the Leopardstown straight.
Company officials say they plan to resist deep price promotions on Suave products that might provide short-term gains but destroy the category's value over time.
This idea of the true believer, whose manifesto is his art, has always given the suave Angelico a radical edge not afforded his supposedly more worldly contemporaries.