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SUBStudent Union Building
SUBSubwoofer (bass frequency speaker)
SUBSpringfield Utility Board (Oregon)
SuBSinn und Bedeutung (conference)
SUBSubject Marker
SUBSupplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUBSports Utility Bike
SUBSurabaya, Indonesia - Juanda Airport (Airport Code)
SUBSit-Up Berth
References in classic literature ?
Bad: thus doth it call all that is spirit-broken, and sordidly-servile-- constrained, blinking eyes, depressed hearts, and the false submissive style, which kisseth with broad cowardly lips.
But the remembrance of what I had felt, which probably might not be the worst they could do, and the promise of honour I made them--for so I interpreted my submissive behaviour--soon drove out these imaginations.
Eugenie bowed, not as a submissive daughter, but as an adversary prepared for a discussion.
Somewhat reassured by her account of the service she was required to render, Mrs Jiniwin made her appearance in a flannel dressing-gown; and both mother and daughter, trembling with terror and cold--for the night was now far advanced--obeyed Mr Quilp's directions in submissive silence.
Nevertheless, he observed with pleasure that Miss Brooke showed an ardent submissive affection which promised to fulfil his most agreeable previsions of marriage.
Still, the submissive self of the groups of people that can be seen in some of the drawings is readily noticeable.
How many submissive women do you know, and do they have a registry?
She was stubborn, non submissive and always rubbing shoulders with me in the home.
However, most people confuse being accepting for being submissive.
Findom has taken that idea to a whole new level, with Sarah pegging last month's top payout from a submissive at $93,000.
2) If the leash is dangling, the submissive is fair game.
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