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SBMSingle Black Male
SBMSubject Benchmarking (higher education)
SBMSocietè des Bains de Mer (Monte-Carlo)
SBMState Bar of Michigan
SBMSmart Boot Manager
SBMSingle Buoy Mooring
SBMState Bank of Mysore (India)
SBMSuper Bit Mapping (Sony CD mastering technology)
SBMSociedade Brasileira de Matemática (Portuguese: Brazilian Mathematical Society; est. 1969)
SBMSociety of Behavioral Medicine
SBMSmall Business Marketing
SBMStand By Me
SBMSoya Bean Meal
SBMStudent Brand Manager (internship program)
SBMSmash Bros Melee (game)
SBMSchool-Based Mentoring (various schools)
SBMSaudi Business Machines Ltd
SBMSubnet Bandwidth Management
SBMSynthetic Based Mud (oil drilling)
SBMSuccessor by Merger
SBMSupply Base Management
SBMSatellite Broadcast Manager
SBMSouth Bay Mobilization (San Jose, CA)
SBMSerena Business Mashups (Serena Software, Inc.)
SBMState Board of Mediation
SBMSwedish Bike Meet
SBMSuzhou Best Metal Products Co., Ltd. (steel tubing manufacturer; China)
SBMSociété Belge de Malacologie (French: Belgian Society of Malacology)
SBMSingle Building Model (Architecture, Engineering & Construction Computer-Aided Design)
SBMSingle Bitmap
SBMSatellite Broadcast Management (GBS)
SBMShort Burst Messaging (initial name given to Short Burst Data)
SBMSuicidal Black Metal (music genre)
SBMShared Buffer Memory
SBMStrong Bad Mod (gaming)
SBMStructure Based Model (biophysical model for biomolecules)
SBMSociété des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à Monaco SA (French: Sea Bathing Society and Foreigners' Circle of Monaco)
SBMSpace Battle Manager
SBMStichting Bevordering Milieukunde
SBMSpace Based Missile
SBMSimplified Body Model
SBMSt. Louis, Brownsville, & Mexico Railroad
SBMScroll Bar Message (Windows programming)
SBMSilver Business Manager
SBMSupport Business Manager
SBMSunflower Birth Mothers
SBMStrategic Brand Management (various organizations)
SBMSchwertley Brothers Manufacturing LLC (Logan, IA)
SBMSmall Business Manufacturing (MISys, Inc.)
SBMScience-Based Medicine
SBMSubic Bay Marine (US and Philippines)
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Today, February 8, is the last day to submit nomination papers for the Senate elections scheduled to be held on March 3, reported Express News.
Yes, we admit that the leadership of the Senate, the chair of the committee, asked us what are the projects and who will submit these (projects) for the approval of Congress and for the approval of the President,' he added.
2) If you are a qualified alien, please submit a copy of your qualified alien documents, which grant you the legal right to work in the U.
Soldiers can confirm that their unit is enrolled by going to the ADO website and entering their unit name in the Submit Unit Name box.
What forms will we use to submit claims using the NPI?
Auer says the EPA will soon have much better exposure information under amendments to the TSCA Inventory Update Rule, which requires chemical manufacturers to submit basic production data every four years for chemical substances (including imports) manufactured for commercial purposes in amounts of 25,000 pounds or more at a single site.
The Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) shall promptly review any documentation/rationale showing why the contractor is unable to submit payment requests in electronic form.
Again, a tax adviser should use a DA to submit form 2848; form 8655 authorizations cannot be used to access TDS.
You can then submit another offer with an additional $150 application fee.
RSS Submit also contains several features to make adding RSS feed URLs to the software easier.
Submit eight copies of a one-page resume for each participant via a Microsoft Word document or PDF.
Writers can submit as many stories as they wish, with an entry fee of $10 per story.