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In a republic, where fortunes are not affluent, and pensions not expedient, the dismission of men from stations in which they have served their country long and usefully, on which they depend for subsistence, and from which it will be too late to resort to any other occupation for a livelihood, ought to have some better apology to humanity than is to be found in the imaginary danger of a superannuated bench.
Hence, the cost of production of a workman is restricted, almost entirely, to the means of subsistence that he requires for his maintenance, and for the propagation of his race.
It was absolutely necessary to decide on some new scheme for a temporary subsistence, and that without delay.
That they might have the better chance of procuring subsistence in the scanty region they were to traverse, they divided their party into two bands.
Though I am bound to you with my whole soul, and love you dearly and strongly and wholeheartedly, a bitter fate has ordained that that love should be all that I have to give--that I should be unable, by creating for you subsistence, to repay you for all your kindness.
But, just as they reached a proper age for their union, misfortunes had fallen heavily on both, and made it necessary that they should resort to personal labor for a bare subsistence.
The country was laid waste to prevent their subsistence.
As we have seen, in cities across the world at least a quarter of the people depend on food produced by women's subsistence labor.
Noongwook, one of the village's democratically elected Tribal Elders, smokes and sips black coffee and tries to explain exactly what living in one of the planet's few remaining subsistence economies actually means.
Subsistence whaling quotas for indigenous people in Greenland and the Caribbean island state of St.
Commercial fishermen, native Alaskans, hunters, and those who live a subsistence lifestyle -- that is, those who depend on wildlife resources for food, shelter, tools and other basic necessities -- all have stakes in the answer.
Paradoxically, huge numbers of wealthy folk whizz round the world from the industrialized nations to gawp at inhabitants of subsistence economies in Indonesia and India.