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He said that those selling substandard, unhygienic and adulterated food items and Haram meat deserve exemplary and deterrent punishment.
Aquino mentioned a report by the Philippine Iron and Steel Institute (PISI) in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake, which revealed that there was widespread use of substandard bars and angle bars in the construction of residential structures and public buildings such as markets and bridges.
A report published in the magazine, on the basis of an analysis over the past five years, says over seven per cent of medicines are substandard.
Insurers might not realize they are issuing policies on a standard basis that the investment firms believe to be substandard from a mortality standpoint.
For the 2004 review, total loan commitments classified as substandard fell $57 billion, or 51 percent from the previous year, while doubtful credits dropped $16.
IDEA also informs private and federal agencies of matters involving substandard products, ensures that users have an effective system for reporting counterfeit and fraudulently marketed products and provides technical assistance to system users for identifying such products.
A receiver, if appointed, would have the power to take control of the building and enforce rules and regulations to deter crime and to correct substandard conditions, the lawsuit said.
The new tool also lists standard survey dates and reports complaint investigation(s), enforcement actions, jeopardy findings, substandard quality of care, payment denial, and admission freezes.
Practitioners must understand better what makes an audit substandard.
Unknown to the Air Force, the company intentionally uses substandard metals in the manufacture of these parts.
Both ship classification societies and the shipping industry in general have faced increased criticism following highly publicized accidents involving older or substandard vessels.
If the resident does not have on underwear, the nursing assistant assigned should receive a verbal warning for substandard care.